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About Us

Global Opulence (GO) specializes in designing and developing tours and touring options for retail travel agencies, corporations and individuals that require specific needs for TRAVEL.

We provide personalized premium services for partners and clients and complete travel solutions that deliver value-added services through local expertise and contacts. Our products and services are developed and positioned very carefully and are of the highest quality, informative and tailored to the client’s needs ultimately providing customer satisfaction repeat business and referrals.

We also organize events, workshops and team building activities for corporate clients, weddings and special occasions.

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary!

Our Tours

Global Opulence tours and services fall into nine major categories; Family, Adventure, Romance, Business & Events, Education, Food & Beverage, Cultural Tours, Nature/Eco Wellbeing, General Sightseeing

We have a broad range of tour options and choices that are currently available; Clients can travel on a pre-arranged itinerary or we can design the perfect private journeys according to tastes and requirements.

Insider knowledge of the travel industry allows us to offer superior business and travel solutions that ultimately provide clients with exciting new experiences allowing them to discover more, to explore more and to enjoy more, all of which are all central to our overall objectives.

The client’s task is to enjoy their holiday experience; ours is to make it happen!