Fraser Island

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Travel to Fraser Island

Travel to Fraser Island the ‘World’s Largest Sand Island’ is a unique paradise of golden beaches, rolling surf, crystal clear lakes, and ancient old growth Rainforests. For many visitors, this is the highlight of their Australian experience. The lakes and Rainforests on Fraser Island are very unique, allowing you to see the very best of these magnificent attractions. Embark on a 4WD adventure visiting ‘Invisible Creek’ with water so clear it can be invisible to the naked eye. There are plenty of tracks on the sand for 4WD vehicles taking in pretty crystal clear lagoons and lots of nature, including the purest breed of Dingo in the world, which are found all over the island. Whales and Dolphins are seen swimming all along the beaches over the island, and with the best sightings seen from the amazing Indian Head. Take in Lake Birrabeen, a crystal clear perched lake that dreams are made of. You will discover the incredible beauty of the Fraser Island Rainforests with huge trees and Rainforest vines.