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Travel to Tasmania

Travel to Tasmania Australia’s most protected state, with more than 30percent of the island set aside for nature lovers to discover.  Rugged mountain landscapes, dense forests, open plains and welcoming sandy beaches await your discovery. Parts of Tasmania are often likened to the green pastures of England and in stark contrast the west of the state showcasing Tasmania’s wildlife and wilderness areas are wild and untamed. Tasmania enjoys the freshest air in Australia and the waters around the state are home to some of the best seafood in the world.  Tasmania is a foodie’s paradise complimented by fertile soils and clean seas. Expect to find outstanding fresh produce such as fresh crayfish, oysters, salmon, luscious berries, rich cheeses and vegetables bursting with flavour.  With an emphasis on wine and fine foods Tasmania is an ideal destination to combine gourmet experiences with spectacular scenery.

South West Tasmania
Port Arthur
Cradle Mountain