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Global Opulence is a one-stop shop for planning the ultimate holiday package! Where do you want to go? What is the best way to get there? What’s good, what’s not so good?

Getting away can be difficult, especially if you are not sure of the range of services and options available to you. Our modern approach to travel and insider knowledge keeps us current on all the hottest holiday deals and takes the headache away from planning that provides you with the best possible holiday package.

Global Opulence – Travel to Australia

Given Australia’s vast scale, it makes more sense to focus on one, two or perhaps three Australian regions, depending on your time frame when planning your Australian holiday package. Global Opulence Australian destination guides showcases both classic attractions and less well known gems, from the elegant Australian cities and their coastal attractions to the mesmerizing desert interior and Australian outback. The gift of travel is something to be cherished forever and something you don’t want to get wrong!  We work with you with everything from traditional Australian tour itineraries to handcrafting luxury Australian vacations designed around your wants, needs, time-frame and budget so that your ideal Australian holiday becomes a truly unforgettable experience and completely unique to you!